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RRR Rams Holdings Cares

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is about approaching our business aims with an awareness of the associated social and environmental implications and taking measures to address these in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Being a responsible company is a natural consequence of the RRR RAMS HOLDINGS approach. We recognise that we do not operate in isolation of the society of which the Company and its employees are part and, as such, have made Corporate Responsibility an integral part of our operations and strategy.

This approach shapes everything we do so that all our activities contribute to the success of the Company both as a business and an employer

The Environment:

We operate an Environmental Management System which enables us to achieve and demonstrate our environmental performance by minimising the negative impact of our operations, whilst maximising the potential for environmental improvement. Our aim is to be at the forefront of the industry in reducing the impact of all our activities on the environment.

Community Involvement:

Environment services organisations play a vital role in the development of local communities through sustained investment and development in the environment. It is important we recognise how important our responsibilities are in carrying out this role and we continue to positively contribute by offering a firm, tangible commitment to social responsibility and ethical citizenship in the community. We are committed to contributing to the economic well-being of the communities where we work through theemployment of local people and suppliers wherever appropriate. We actively encourage our people to involve themselves in the local communities where they work, either through volunteer activities in local organisations and charities or by participating in local business groups and educational establishments in sharing knowledge and experience.