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Factory Waste Disposal

Manufacturing is an important sector in any economy because it creates jobs and produces products for human consumption. However, there is concern over the amount of waste that factories produce every year. Factory waste is any waste that is produced from industrial activities such as manufacturing

Factory Waste Management

Factories and warehouses produce a myriad of different types of waste. The most common types of waste produced include scrap metal, solvents, gravel and dirt, concrete and masonry, chemicals, and even vegetable matter. It’s important that every piece of factory and warehouse waste is correctly disposed of, as failing to do so can harm the persons/wildlife that come across it. This is because such matters could be corrosive, toxic, ignitable, or radioactive.

Warehouse Waste Management

The waste disposal options available for your factory and warehouse waste is largely dependable on the material you wish to dispose of:

  • For instance, oil can be disposed of via large oil collection drums, which companies such as RRR Rams can supply to you.
  • Cardboard waste can usually be disposed of into a bin or , for a larger quantity , a front-end loader or baler
  • To dispose of plastic waste, RRR Rams recommends using colour-coded bins to encourage recycling.
  • Hazardous waste should be disposed of separately to normal waste;
  • The individual recommended disposal methods varies depending on the material

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